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Power of Connection

Jul 30, 2018

Episode 14 finds Angela sitting with Oregon state's Independent gubernatorial candidate, Patrick Starnes. In this podcast, Patrick shares the current status of his campaign. Being one of three major parties in the governor's race, he finds himself excluded from public debates thereby limiting his voice and reach to the public. We talk  a little bit about the political system and about how important it is for all voices to be heard to allow voters to make the best informed choice possible. 

We touch briefly on big money in politics and how dominant of a two party system we have in this country.

This episode is a call for direct action participation by our listeners. Regardless of which state you live in, if you believe Patrick and all major parties should be invited to open debates, please write The Oregonian stating this desire at

Also, critically important to the fabric of this nation is exercising our privilege and right to vote. You can sign up through Patrick's website and learn more about his campaign at